Woven wire cloth made of stainless steel, non-ferrous metal and plastic

supplied in rolls or as finished items - just as you need it.

papiersiebe wasserzeichen

Company history


Pausa in the Vogtland district, a location with a long tradition

1920 The Sächsische Metalltuchfabrik O. Seele Nachfolger KG moves from Dresden to Pausa, to the facility in Bahnhofstraße 61, headed by the managing director Achilles. The main products are metal sieves and endless metal fabrics for paper production as well as dandy rolls to manufacture water marks on security and business papers.
1945 After the end of the war – the business becomes a trust company and later a national property.
1967 The production is expanded again by the addition of polyester sieve fabrication. Hence Pausa does not only supply paper mills but also different branches of industry.
1990 In July, Neustädter Drahtgewebe GmbH is founded in Neustadt/Orla, Pausa is one of four facilities of Neustädter Drahtgewebe.
1991 Trades under the name of Neustädter Drahtgewebe und Filtertechnik Spee GmbH, this Pausa factory is run from Neustadt.
1993 Pausa factory closes.
1994 Two former employees, Mr. Langer and Mr. Weiland, rent the plant from Spee Company and start to work again with 5 employees.
1995 Drahtweberei Pausa GmbH is founded.
1997 First-time certification of the products according to DIN ISO 9002.
2000 Takeover by the Rolf Körner GmbH. Mr. Rolf Körner is new managing director of Drahtweberei Pausa GmbH.
2001 Extensive refurbishment of buildings and outdoor facilities.
2004 Mr. Otto Sandmeyer becomes second managing director.
2005 Mr. Frank Windrich becomes local manager.
2006 additional large modernisation of administrative and production buildings.
2009 Despite the economic crisis Drahtweberei Pausa GmbH is able to prevent a large scale collapse. All jobs are preserved.
2010 Purchase and reconstruction of a used weaving loom. ISO certification acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
2013 Extensive expansion of the weaving capacity and the range of products